He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

ARG. Miscommunication to the max.

Today sucked.

cut because of length and big adult words.

This will from here on out be known as the

Yesterday John Called me a work and said "the hottub guy called he is coming to fix the tub". Well I am working on a project that goes live tomorrow and there is no way I could leave work. So I had him leave the dog in the house and asked him to go home at lunch and check on her. (and the hut tub guy). So I got a call at 12 say he was home. I asked will is the hot tub fixed? He said "I dunno". SO I SAID "well look at it is it put back together???". "Oh" he says "no, the screws are still laying her". So when I got back from lunch I called the hot tub place (Well ok Capital City Spas - DONT EVER BUY FROM THEM) to find out what was going on. The guy said well I show he is supposed to be there today. Well about 5:15 I'm at work trying to get some code fixed (THAT NEEDS TO GO IN TODAY) and the phone rings it's John "Oh I forgot to tell you I have a doctors appointment and won't be home until 7 or 8 tonight". Oh My GOD the dog is locked in the house and noone is headed home to let her out. So I close up what I am doing and head home. When I get home after letting the yellow eyed dog out I check out the hot tub. YEP, Still missing screws and still turned off.

So today I call them up and ask what is going on. "We will have to check and call you back". So 10 minutes later the phone rings "Mr Johnson", "Yes this is he", "Yeah (Don't remember his name) was there yesterday and fixed your hottub. He thought you were going to meet him there". That's when I lost it. "What the Fuck do you mean it's fixed? Why isn't it put back together????". "I"m sorry Mr. Johnson but he couldn't find the Screws". "They are in a fucking Baggin Sitting on the Steps to the hot tub". Well Mr Johnson your hot tub is fixed and you owe $275.00. Would you like to charge that to Visa Or Master card". Once again the norweigen in me comes out and I begin to sound like my mother "I'm not paying you a fucking dime until you fix my fucking hot tub". (If you haven't noticed yet when I get upset the profanity just seems to flow).

"Well Mr Johnson we can have someone out tomorrow to put the screws back in if you can't do it yourself" .... "Don't bother" I say. "and as to payment" I say, "SCREW IT YOURSELF".

Well on the good side the hottub is fixed, I put the screws back in and it is almost hot enough to sit in. I will be soaking by Nightfall.

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