He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Pet Peeves

Copy and paste this list of personal pet peeves into your own journal then add to it,
one or two (at the most), pet peeves of your own. Next to your contribution, be sure to also add your LJ username.

1. Spotting the reflections/shadows of camera men in movies. michael_eric
2. Chubby men who tug on their clinging t-shirts. michael_eric
3. People who say "Axe" instead of "Ask". clymore
4. People who IM me and just say, "Hi!" and don't keep on chatting! clymore
5. People who pass you on the right and then slow down. fuzzface_63
6. Waiting for Repairmen who only get there 15 minutes from the end of the window (ie 2-5 and get there at 4:45) fuzzface_63

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