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  • Sun, 18:47: RT @Alyssa_Milano: They calmly, politely and respectfully voiced concerns about inequality. How is that rude? Video https://t.co/wwCUaSYCYO
  • Sun, 18:47: RT @GavinNewsom: A call for inclusion is not rude, it's democracy. Spend less time tweeting, more time addressing the recent rise in hate c…
  • Sun, 18:47: RT @jessetyler: Not harassing. Expressing concern & pleading for fair treatment from our future VP during the BC/EFA speech. Hardly harassm…
  • Sun, 18:47: RT @michaelurie: 1) legit impressed you found a way to brag about your FRAUD SUIT 2) when does this "focus" start? 3) quit trolling bway ht…
  • Sun, 18:47: RT @AdamSank: Yeah, how disrespectful. Kind of like pretending for five years that the president of the United States was born in another c…
  • Sun, 18:48: RT @PPact: Trump just tapped anti-abortion, anti-Planned Parenthood Sen. Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General. Think he'll keep you safe? T…
  • Sun, 18:49: RT @CNN: Did you know 29 states give parental rights to men who father a child through rape? Meet the moms facing this reality on #ThisIsLi
  • Sun, 18:49: RT @JohnFugelsang: Liberals ended slavery & conservatives fought for segregation. If you don't believe this, check out who still defends t…
  • Sun, 18:50: RT @greggrunberg: BULLY, still not acting presidential. AT ALL. Words like "us" divides. You're losing everyone's respect. Remember, you'r…
  • Sun, 18:50: RT @DisneylandToday: The holidays have arrived with new entertainment such as World of Color - Season of Light! What's your favorite scene?…
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    Wed, 17:41: RT @ gtconway3d: When the Capitol is cleared and secured, and the joint session of Congress and the electoral vote count is…

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    Wed, 19:12: .@ gwenstefani #VoiceFinale congratulations Gwen. You bet Blake! @ blakeshelton

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    Tue, 20:14: My Build Your Voice Team is ready to go. Get The Voice Official App to play. https://t.co/yR862hZVlk

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