He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

OMG. That is embarassing.

As previously posted my computer had to go to best buy to have the DVD burner replaced. Before I took it in I made sure all the "naughty" pictures were deleted. Wednesday I was still having problems so decided to restore it from the recovery disks. I had taken the disks to Best Buy but they had said they would charge me to re-install so I said I would do it myself. Going through the disks there was a blank DVD with the words "tested ok" written on it, not in my hand writing. SO I slipped the disk in and checked it out. It was my documents folder and my music folder. I looked in the folders and OH MY GOD in the my music folder was PORN. Not like guys playing with themselves porn but full on man on man hot sex. Guess I missed a few files.

Now I just have to wonder did the guy just drag and drop at random or did he see what was in these files.

I outta go back and thank him for burning the files to DVD for me.

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