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Hey it's how I feel. You are free to disagree.

Abortion?:Not my choice to make or decide if someone else can make.
Death Penalty?:Necessary evil.
Prostitution?:Only if there are male prostitutes
Alcohol?:Like it.
Marijuana?:Like it.
Other drugs?:Scared of them.
Gay marriage?:Want one.
Illegal immigrants?:Weren't we all illegal immigrants at one time?
Drunk driving?:Very bad.
Cloning?:I could have some kinky fun with a clone of myself.
Premarital sex?:Who cares. I can't get married.
Religion?:I don't see a need for organized religion.
The war in Iraq?:Another Bush another war...
Bush?:War begins with "Dubya"
Downloading music?:Against. I stopped.
The legal drinking age?:Should be 18. If you can die in war you should be able to do it drunk.
Porn?:Love it. Got some?
Suicide?:Whatever. Should be legal.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

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