He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Another Meme

Stolen from ericdabear who stole it from big_teddybear by way of rictus125

Just in case you don't want to read it.

What is the longest you have gone without sex? 2 weeks..
What is the longest you have had sex for? With just one person? 2 hours. More 8 hours.
The longest book you have ever read? The Stand (Unabridged)
The longest movie you have ever seen? Well it felt like "Out of Africa" was 700 hours long, but probably "Lord of the Rings: ROTK"
The longest you have gone without eating? 24 hours
..without taking a shower? ugh, 2 days max. Unless camping.
..without watching tv? 1 week.
..without going online? barely a week. (2 weeks when we went on Vacation).
What is the longest relationship you have been in? 6.75 years and going strong.
The longest shift you have ever worked? 72 hours.
The longest you have gone without brushing your teeth? 1 days tops
The longest you have gone without getting a hair cut? 6 months
..without shaving? 1 months
..without changing your underwear? don't wear it.
...without sleeping? 72 hours
the longest phone conversation you have had? not very long. I don't think i've ever talked on the phone for more than an hour.
online conversation?.. 4 hours.
the longest you have been online for ? 24 hours.
longest time you have spent in your house? 1 day
the longest time you went without talking to your best friend? 1 week.
the longest vacation you went on? 2 weeks.
the longest car ride? Arizona to Mexico
the longest you went without cutting your nails? a week
the longest time you have gone without checking your emails? a week.

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