He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Catch up post

Last Week.

Was in training all week.   Microsoft .NET web application building.  Great training but don't know if I'll ever get to use it in my current job.  My goal is to get into a job where I can do more development and less support.  Of course since I was in training I'm a week behind when I get to work tommorrow.  Ug.  Well at least there are always a lot of new jobs posted on Monday, hopefully I'll have time to look.  Really need to transfer out of the group I'm in.


Went to the Highland Games in Woodland.  Lots of hot men.   I didn't get to see under any kilts though. :(  Speaking of Kilts I want one!!!   Saw some cool Utilikilts there.  I think I'm gonna buy one even thoug I think they are a bit overpriced.  ($115 for the same amount of denim in Jeans?)  Can't decide if I want to wait till I loose more weight or just buy it snug.  Definitly want to buy it before Folsom Street Fair and Dore alley (and of Course Hairison Street fair).  Saw a group of three hot bears.  Looked familiar but I'm too shy to just go up and say hello.

I took a lot of pictures (and video) and will have to post the good ones soon.

Lounging.   Trying to catch up on mail and reading posts.

Really want to do something today.  It's such a beautiful day.  Where are all my friends with boats???


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