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I've had a couple of people ask what my goal is for Weight Watchers. Right now I am just focusing on losing 10% (about 25 pounds). Once I've reached that goal I will re-evaluate and actually set a goal Weight. I'm a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and have been to goal twice. I know I can do it, I just want to make sure that this is a life change not just a short term adjustment.

My goal for this year was to regain control of my life. The last couple of years I spun out of control financial and physically. So now we have refinanced the house and paid everything off.

In addition I am working towards cooking more and eating out less. Now if I could just get work under control I would be fine.

Oh and John's 10% goal is about 24 pounds and he's almost there! :) Woopie.

In addition I really want to start back at the gym. I think I'm going to start going at lunch if we can't work it into the evening schedule.

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