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So yeah, I pretty much neglet this thing called live journal.   I really do need to post more.   It seems with the ease of posting things to Twitter and facebook these days I just don't post here anymore.   This has always been a good place to express myself and I really should post more.   I am going to make a concerted effort to post.   Thanks for hanging in there.

Life is busy.   I have offically started training for ALC 13.  Yes at the ripe old age of 50 I will be riding my bicycle 545 Miles from San Francisco to LA.    John (my hubby) did it this year and the emotions I felt for him and what he was doing were really overwelming.   I have lost so many friends to this disease and know so many others that are effected (or should it be affected? I suck at english) by it daily I feel it is my time to do something.   So I will be getting my fat ass (and rest of my body in shape) and from June 2nd to 8th I will be riding my bicycle daily anywhere from 50 to 100 miles.   I really do look forward to it and am veiwing it as a crossroads in my life.   I need to get back into better shape and this gives me a goal.

And for hanging in there here is a gratuitous self shot.   LOL

[Fat boy ahead]
Me in my new Swim Suit

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