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It's not chipper around here.

Well yesterday we went and saw our friend Lindsey and drove by her new house. She is buying a beautiful house on 10 acres in the hills. The only problem is she is buying with her son. I think it's a mistake but hopefully things will work out for her. The house looks nice (even though we couldn't go to near cause the current owner is a freak). It would be wonderfull to live on that much property.

On the way home we stopped by my parents and visited. My friend Ann stopped by and said hello. She moved to Yuba City a year ago and I just don't get to see her enough. I mean she is barely 2 hours away and yet we never have been to her new house.

I borrowed the Chipper from may parents and spent the morning grinding up the rose bushes I cut down last week. I then did some more trimming of the trees and damn if I didn't break the chipper. Seems like I can't borrow anything from my parents without breaking it!!! Will I ever learn???

Took the weed eater to the back yard and it no longer looks like a jungle. After all the work today I'm seriously considering just paying someone to do the back yard. We did go to Osh today and price stones for building the retaining wall. If the weather holds out I hope to start that next weekend. Heck since we'll have light I may even start it this week.

I'm tired and that's it for now.

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