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The Last Day of March

Well March is over in a few hours. That means the first quarter of the year is over too. This weekend we begin the insanity they call daylight savings time. I always hate changing the clocks cause it takes my body a week or two to re-adjust.

Today we went to Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln. I played Black Jack and was up $80 then my luck just turned and I lost it all. Thought it was interesting that the table I was at they dealt all the cards (except for the dealers) up. Made for interesting play.

Played the Wheel of Fortune slot machines and true to form the woman beside me hit $1000. I cannot think of a time I have played Wheel of fortune and the person beside me has not won. Even when we were in Vegas John was beside me and won a thousand nickels.

We had Lunch at Panda Express then came home before traffice got to bad. Made a stop at Costco and I scored new wireless controllers for the XBOX. It is so great to play without getting tangled in wires and not have the dog pulling the controller loose. They were well worth the $50.

We took the dog for a nice long walk and now are settling down and think I'll watch a movie.

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