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catch up post

A couple of guys at work had gotten new NEC 525 phones and yesterday I could no longer hold back. Broke into my stash of Birthday money and bought myself this.

It's cool. Picture phone with picture caller id. Spent most of last night playing with it and setting up numbers and such. I bought a usb cable so I can sync it to my laptop. I was able to sync it with my home laptop but I can't get it to sync with my work laptop. Looks like the software doesn't like Office 2003.

When to weight Watchers today and am down 1.5 pounds for a total of 17. :)

Tonight we are going to a dinner for the Stonewall Democrats. My work has sponsored a table so ten of us from work are going. It should be fun.

Just got Augusten Burroughs Novel "Dry" from Amazon last night so I think I'll go sit in the backyard and read for a while.

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