He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
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More crap you really don't care about.

  • 11:56 Don't know what's up. On the verge of crying today. Too much bad shit happening... #
  • 12:00 @jarengreystone thanks man. Concidering it was the widest birthday of my life that helps #
  • 12:01 I wish my life was a musical. Que "send in the clowns" #
  • 12:59 @jarengreystone thanks man #
  • 13:01 They just let me know my job is extended till August 15th. One less thing to stress about. #
  • 14:45 Can't decide... twitpic.com/1f66mx #
  • 15:57 Colin Farrell Bashes Gay-Bashing - E! Online goo.gl/2LGr #
  • 18:03 I'm at Cheese Steak Restaurant. 4sq.com/dkOT5s #
  • 18:03 Yum — at Cheese Steak Shop gowal.la/s/2F3U #
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