He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

State of The Union.

Well not really. It's more the State of Me. Yes, I'm back. I never really went anywhere, I just got sucked into Twitter and Facebook. I really need to post more. It's much cheaper than finding a shrink.

I just watch the last half of the State of the Union and have to say I think I'm impressed. I really am disappointed with Obama so far but want to give him the benefit of the doubt. If the democrats can grow some balls and stand up for what's right I think we could have a prosperous future.

Life has been crazy. First the dog has been really sick. After months of going to the vet, 2 sonograms, multiple tests it has come down to she either has a Ulcer or Cancer. Well I love her dearly but I just can't afford to go on. We talked with the vet and we are treating it as it is an ulcer and seeing how it goes from there. She has started eating again. She was down to 55 pounds from almost 80 and looked like she was a stray. We are having to give her pills 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals and she takes Prilosec. Strange how animals take some of the same medicines as us.

I discovered a leak in our shower before Christmas. I thought it was just loose tile. When I went to re-grout it I found that the wall had water damage and it's just been sitting for a month. Last week we had some estimates done and to fix it would be a lot of money, so for a little more, I'm having the whole bathtub ripped out and just a new shower put in. I'll take some before and after shots and get them posted. But it will be nice to be able to take a shower again in the master bath. It even has a bench, which I have already dubbed the blowjob seat. :)

Work. Work is ok. I'm still temping on a job that is way below what I used to do. The plus is that my stress level has gone down at work only to be countered by the effects of having $800 less a month. We just got bonus which will keep us set for a few months. I'm still looking diligently for a job and am just hoping for the best.

Family. At times I think my Mom has given up. I went by the other day and she wouldn't even get out of bed. Not sure if she is depressed or just lazy. I'm thinking lazy.

Both my Nephew's have moved back home so my sister now has a full house again. This means I hear a lot less from her but right now that's a good thing.

We are heading to Palm Springs for Valentines Day and then a Day at Disneyland.

Well I have 526 emails in my in box that I need to go handle.

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