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this was a classic

On the computer catching up on email and get an IM from someone saying hi. Checked his profile and he's a local cute 22yo so I decide to chat with him.

It goes downhill from there.

biggee916 namewithheld3:24:27 PM): howdy
namewithheld3:24:36 PM): how ar eyou
biggee916 namewithheld3:25:06 PM): good. how are you?
namewithheld3:25:40 PM): great
biggee916 namewithheld3:25:48 PM): cool
namewithheld3:26:24 PM): what are you doing today
biggee916 namewithheld3:27:02 PM): just hanging out. getting ready to jump in the shower. then heading off to dinner with my sister
namewithheld3:27:54 PM): nice
namewithheld3:27:59 PM): any more pics
biggee916 namewithheld3:28:04 PM): yep
namewithheld3:28:13 PM): can i see
biggee916 namewithheld3:28:36 PM): any of you?
namewithheld3:28:44 PM): just nude
biggee916 namewithheld3:29:20 PM): that's the best kind!
namewithheld3:30:35 PM): get it???/
biggee916 namewithheld3:30:55 PM): yes. very nice!
namewithheld3:31:16 PM): how about you
namewithheld3:31:58 PM): sending
namewithheld3:32:37 PM): try again did not work
biggee916 namewithheld3:32:48 PM): get it?
namewithheld3:34:42 PM): yes, nice, hey i am a little low on money, would you be up for paying me to suck you
biggee916 namewithheld3:35:08 PM): no sorry.
namewithheld3:35:38 PM): why not
biggee916 namewithheld3:35:52 PM): cause I can get it for free.

I know I'm turning 41 but Is this a sign?

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