He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
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More crap you really don't care about.

  • 19:13 Home sweet home. in Elk Grove, CA loopt.us/AojxxA.t #
  • 08:39 Heading west till we hit the ocean. Destination unknown at this point. Talk to ya all later. #
  • 08:51 @HappyGoatee oh I will! #
  • 11:15 HeAding to the beach. Off to a late start! in Dixon, CA loopt.us/OyVG8A.t #
  • 11:53 @HappyGoatee my work backpack weighs 50# cause of all the cables & eqpment I carry around #
  • 11:54 @HappyGoatee were way far north by sf. But the bay bridge is closed so were on 37 and traffic is a bit heavy #
  • 12:02 Traffic sucks. Good thing Johns driving. I need a drink. #
  • 13:23 Second happiest place on earth, in San Francisco, CA loopt.us/RHrvng.t #
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