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Last week I interviewed for a new job. I had 4 interviews. 3 with team members and then one with the Manager. They all went well. When I interviewed with the manager he asked when I could start and I told him technically I'm in my postition till 9/11 but they would let me go sooner for a permanent position. He said he wanted someone sooner. He asked if he could call my previous boss and I said sure. So he sent my previous boss an Email and copied me. It was a strange mail asking if there were any "Red Flags" why he shouldn't hire me. Later that day I recieved an email from him saying that I was still in the running for the job but they were going to interview more people and should know by mid august. It was just strange how this all went from hot to cold so quick. I really want to know what my old boss said to him. So I'm still looking for a permanent position.

My sister is in the hospital. She went to the doctor really sick on Tuesday and he sent her to emergency. They said she had a really bad respitory infection and gave her antibiotics and steroids. She started getting worse. Now they are running more tests to see if there is something else wrong. They are going to do a CT of her sinus' to be sure the infection hasn't spread and they are talking about doing a spinal tap to rule out meningitus. She's hanging in there but is quite depressed from being in the hospital.

My mom went to the doctor on Wednesday and I had to miss the appointment due to my interview. I guess the doctor flat out told her that if she didn't quit smoking NOW she was headed for a slow and painful death. I'm just hoping she will quit cause should could have some more productive time if she did. If she doesn't I don't see her ever getting up and about again. She can't even walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without stopping to rest.

Sorry for all the downer stuff. I'm posting this from the couch with my new Acer Aspire One netbook. It's such a cute little machine for surfing the web from the couch. I found it on Woot.com for $250 and couldn't resist.


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