He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

So long since my last post

Well on Friday the let me know that funding for my job runs out September 15th. After that I'm SOL. So it's back to looking for a job. Fuck.

John's been in a "Personal Development" seminar all weekend. I don't go for that crap, I'm sorry. He called and told me he wanted to take the second course and I asked him what for??? See if this one will help you first. These people prey on people with low self esteem. If I thought it would really help I'd dig up the $1800 bucks but I don't.

Visted with mom yesterday.

Most of my weekend has been spent embroidering. I've got 12 Tee Shirts, 4 Sweatshirts and 7 Polo Shirts done. It's been quite time consuming but I've been able to multi-task and get other things done.

One of the things I did was get our Wedding Video Transferred to the computer. This has been on a friends video camera for a year and I just got it from him last week.

So if your so inclined.

We were incredibly nervous if you can't tell!

Today I attacked the monster plant in the back yard and now I'm finishing up my last two shirts and waiting for John to get home so we can get some dinner.


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