He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Greetings from Hell

Well back in the swing of things at work. We headed off to SF on Wednesday to see Wicked. It was awesome. I was expecting a great show but it totally exceeded my expectations. It was our First Anniversary so we went to dinner at the Stinking Rose. Stayed the night at the Mark Hopkins hotel and had breakfast at Top of the Mark. What an awesome 360 degree view. I hope to get pics uploaded to Flickr tonight.

Thursday morning we headed to Disneyland. We planned on getting there by 5pm. But thanks to multiple stops and extremely bad traffic we got there at 7:30pm. We headed into the Park and wandered aimlessly, saw the Fireworks and then headed back to the hotel. It was grad night so they closed early, which really pissed me off since it said nothing about it on the website. We spent Friday and Saturday at the Park. Friday we saw Fantasmic but the Dragon is still not working which bummed me out. Saturday night we took our friends daughter off there hands and did kid things with her so they could have a date and stay to see Fantasmic.

Sunday was a quick day at the park and we headed home at around 1pm. We decided that since our trip got cut short by my work (which is another bitchy story to be told later), we would upgrade to season passes and head back in October for Gay Days. For 80 bucks each we now have season passes. We will be going down as often as we can.

Work sucks but what's new?

Hoping to make it to Pride this weekend. I'm completely behind on reading LJ and email, the only thing I seem to keep up on now is twitter and facebook.


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