He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Glenn's Twitters

More crap you really don't care about.

  • 08:05 happy hump day. one day closer to the three day weekend. (and my disneyland trip next month) #
  • 08:43 twitpic.com/5k4sq - #
  • 11:12 So looks like the Prop 8 ruling is coming out tomorrow? Rumor Has it! Will I still be married on friday? #
  • 11:26 love getting blindsided in meetings! so fun when idiots dump crap on you. #
  • 16:14 Just realized yesterday was voting day. Not only did I forget but I voted a couple of weeks ago and don't remember how I voted. #
  • 16:14 @wendilynnmakeup The SECOND perm my mother talked me into! #
  • 16:18 Needs to remember to download some Peter Gabrial to his iTunes when he gets home! Just in a PG sort of mood. #
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