He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Wow. I hardly post anymore.

Now that I'm barely at my desk at work I rarely find time to post.   


Friday we went and saw Star Trek again.   Threes a charm.   I'm done.   I'm ready to see Angels and Demons now.   We also have passes to see Wolverine so we will probably see that this week.

I'm working on a Quilt for Baby Boo.   It's a Noah's Ark theme.    I'm about half way done with the squares to make the front side.   I have no idea what I'm doing, it just looked like fun so I'm winging it.   once I get the squares done I may have someone finish it if I can't figure out how.   I should get my shipment of glow in the dark thread tomorrow so I'll be able to do some more cool things for it too.

I have got a lead on a very cheap laser engraver so I may be adding that to our business.   The guy originally paid 10k for it and just wants to get rid of it cause he just bought a new one for 15k.   yeah he's retired and does it as a hobby.   So for a couple hundred bucks he's willing to get rid of the old one.   I'm going to go see it and see what it's limitations are (it's 10 years old) and hopefully pick it up.

Yesterday we went to a business meeting of local printers and then the rest of my day was Embroidering 10 T-Shirts.   I hate T-shirts they are probably the hardest thing to do.   But they are done and look pretty good.

Today we are heading out to breakfast and then to Joann's (I got a coupon!!!).   We will probably head to my Sisters to hop in the pool.

Stay cool!


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