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Cause it helps you wash down the shit sandwich it's gonna give you next.

I'm fine. Surgery went good. I was late getting in to surgery at 10am and was out by 11:30. I was leaving the hospital by 1pm. Came home and slept in a nice Vicondin coma. Up and a bout a little better today. Still quite a bit of pain but only took one pain pill this morning.

Talked to my Mom last night. The CT Scan showed the spot on her lung and they don't like the looks of it. They will be doing a biopsy where she will be awake and in the CT Scan while they stick a needle in her chest. She's already told me if it's cancer she is just gonna start smoking again, cause it's not worth it. I'm really worried about her but need to get myself well first.

My sister needs surgery on her knee. I guess it is pretty much bone on bone. She still hasn't been on the job long enough to take time off so she doesn't want to do it. Don't know what she is going to do yet.

When we went to the gym on Tuesday to take a shower same asshole ran into my car. So my front bumper is loose. I can probably fix it myself but it still pisses me off.

Supposed to be here by 12 to fix the hot water heater and I will actually get to take a shower!!! Yeah.

And just to reinforce my feelings. FUCK MARCH!

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