He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Other than that Mrs. Kennedy how was the drive through Dallas?

Back from Dr. He looked at me, poked me and said "Just a minute I have to go make a call and I'll be right back". When he came back he told me he was talking with the surgeon and he wants to see me tomorrow. But go upstairs and get stuck with needles again. (I haven't ever mentioned my fear of needles here but it's bad. I can't look). So just got off the phone with the Surgeons office go in tomorrow at 3pm for consult and they think I'll be in surgery on Wednesday. And of course that's the day they are supposed to come fix the hot water heater. My Mom also has a Dr. Appt on Wednesday so I'll have to find someone to take her or reschedule.

And get this. John met me at the doctors office (yes I told him he didn't need to be there but he is just so sweet). He was re-ended in traffic on the way home!!!

Thinking happy thoughts....never mind I'm going to go take a pain pill and check out.

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