He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

All nighters aren't what they used to be.

We got a call Thursday night at 5pm. John's sister had been at the doctor and the doctor was sending her to the hospital. The baby wasn't due till the 11th, but her protein levels were off and they were worried about preclamsia (no idea how to spell it.) So I finished eating my soup I was having and we headed to the hospital. The hospital was only 15 minutes from our house so we were the first ones there. John was so excited it was funny. I told him it probaly would not be till Friday that he had the baby. So we hung out at the hospital and sure enough she had the baby at 6:07 am Friday. I was up all night (I think I slept about an hour in a chair). The cord was wrapped around the baby's neck and it took her longer than expected to respond so she is now in neonatal care instead of in Mom's room. We decided we would run home and shower change and then go back to the hospital till we could see the baby. Well we got to the parking lot and the window was broken out of John's truck and his Garmin GPS and Sirius Satellite Radio was gone. So we had to call the police and call the insurance company. We then went home showered and headed back to the hospital. We hung out at the hospital and had lunch and finally got to see the baby at noon. Only 2 people at a time can see the baby and have to be accompanied by Mom or Dad. So we visited with Little Isabella Jane Earney for a while and then headed home. We hung out and watched TV for a while and then finally went to bed at 7pm. Staying up all night just isn't what it used to be. I slept till 7am this morning and feel so much better.

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