He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

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Return from darkness

Well i'm back. Yeah I know nobody noticed I was gone. I haven't posted in a week. Truthfully I've been depressed. I've had a sinus problem and just felt like crap. Work was getting me down and this whole Gay Marriage thing has got me down. But I'm better now. Thanks.

Last friday Was John's Birthday. We went to Claim Jumpers with his parents, sister and family, and my Parents and sister and family. There was 13 of us and the food was good. My parents didn't embarass me too badly. John had a good Birthday.

Saturday I worked in the morning. We went over to some friends house in the afternoon and hung out. We watch a couple of Episodes of "Firefly". He has them on DVD so I borrowed them.

Sunday was a lazy day. We did zilch.

Tonight I'm having the guys from work over for Poker. It should be a fun night.

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