He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Mondays are a lot of TV to watch now!

Yeah the return of Heroes and it didn't disappoint me. Although I need to go upstairs and rewatch the previous episode cause I missed something. I think the show will be better now. Chuck was ok. Couldn't do the whole 3D Glasses thing. But I love this show. Just one of those cute shows you gotta love. Then finally Medium. What is it that I think both Medium and The Ghost Whisperer jumped the shark at the same time. I hate Ghost Whisperer now but just can't stop watching it. So hopefully they will cancel it soon. Last nights Medium was so predictable 10 minutes in I told John how it was going to end and I was dead on. If it doesn't get better I can definitely cut it from the Tivo list. Tonight is Fringe which I think is the best sleeper series of the season. It's slow but it's great to watch. I think it can be the next X-Files if they keep up the work.

Well I wasn't planning on a total TV post but know forgot what I was gonna post about. So back to watching Ellen.

Oh they were working on the cable in our area today so we had intermittent internet, phone and cable all day. Well not having one is OK but when you loose all three at once it sucks. I may go ahead and look at surewest for internet. But then again that will be dependent on the job situation.


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