He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

The year so far. 2009

Well It has started out as a good year. I slept till 12:30 pm. That is the latest I have slept in years. Of course we were actually out till 2:30am which is the latest we have been out in years. I was kinda bummed yesterday because I heard back from the Job at Intel and didn't get it. Also I heard from one of the jobs with the State I applied for and turns out I didn't meet the minimum requirements. So know I know you need to read the postings carefully and tailor each application to the job.

Last night we went up to John's Parents house as it was his Dad's last day of work. He retired after 15 years at his job. It was a small impromptu suprise party with his 2 sisters and nephews in attendence. Although I packed both cameras out last night I didn't take a single photo. :(

We were at his parents until 9 then headed over to Scott & Beths for some cards and drinking. We learned a new game called 31 which was quite fun but after paying for me and John to play I was down $18 bucks by the end of the night.

Today I'm reconciling some of the job apps I have done and figuring out what I still need to apply for. Tomorrow I want to get my new tattoo but it looks like I need to run some errands for my Mom. So we will see. Well that's it for now.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! 2009


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