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10 year meme

10 Years Ago:

Where did you live? Orangevale, California
Where did you work? Bank of America
Did you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Nope
What was your biggest fear? That I would never get out of Folsom.
What made you happy? Alcohol.
Who did you look up to? My sister.
What did you think you would be doing ten years from that point? Thought I'd be a rich corporate exective not a corporate whore.
What did you want to change about yourself? My life.

Current day:

Where do you live? Elk Grove, California
Where do you work? Intel Corporation (in Folsom, see above)
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Yes, going on 6 years now.
What is your biggest fear? Serious illness
What makes you happy? Being with John.
Who do you look up to? I look up to anyone who is willing to stick up for their principles.
What do you think you'll be doing in ten years? Teaching.
What do you want to change about yourself? Working on my weight..

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