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Post office drama

Reading celtcub 's post office drama reminded me I hadn't posted about this.

I did an order a while back for a woman I work with that got married on the 11th in Hawaii (Maui).  I got her the freesbees on the 2nd.   I told her I could direct ship the Frisbees to the hotel in Maui but she wanted to save money so she said she would hand carry them.   Well soon after the Airlines got strict about luggage weights and she decided to ship them.   So she took them to the post office and shipped them standard shipping.   Well, the still haven't gotten to Hawaii.   It seems that the USPS does not ship a container until it is full.   So they are sitting on a dock somewhere in a partially full shipping container waiting for enough additional items to fill it up.   Then they will go all the way to Hawaii where the hotel will have to refuse them and then, yes you got it they will have to be shipped back to the US.   She might be lucky if she gets her wedding favors by Christmas.

I have used USPS for shipping stuff to Oaklahoma and it got there next day.   But I've also heard other horror stories.


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Oct. 27th, 2008 10:23 pm (UTC)
The sad thing is I used them when I was doing the tshirts, and seriously never had a package take more than three days to get to the customer. Flat rate shipping was nice because since they were shirts, throw them in the mailing bag and throw them in the mail. Some of them were 3-4 shirts in one envelope, so I did save money and never had issues.
But when I wanted to ship something fragile that I didn't want to get damaged AND in a presentable package, suddenly it's an issue.

I am going UPS next time.
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