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Weekend in a nutshell

Was a pretty laid back weekend.   Friday night we just hung out at home.   Saturday we headed to the home show in Sacramento.   I have never seen Cal Expo so Empty.   We got there and thought maybe we were in the wrong place.    But we paid our $8 to park and $6 to get in.   Wandered the booths and saw all the stuff we couldn't afford.   At least there was a great contingent of hot daddys out and about.   After that we went to the Scrapbook Expo.   I haven't Scrapbooked since my father passed away.   I'm trying to get my Mojo back and thought this might get the creative juices flowing.  We paid our fee, walked in and signed up for the door prizes and then started wandered.   We were about the 3rd booth when I hear John's name called he had one a prize.   So he went and collected his prize (a $10 Creative Memories Gift Certifacate) and we continued wandering.   I found the Creative Memories booth and spent his gift certificate on a Micky Mouse paper punch.   I'm going to make all my Christmas Cards this year (so I plan) so it should come in handy.  

Sunday we went to my sisters to check in but didn't stay long.   After that we went to a co-workers house warming where I drank some delicious beers and then went home and crashed.


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Oct. 20th, 2008 05:39 pm (UTC)
I'm going to make all my Christmas Cards this year (so I plan) so it should come in handy.

What??? You haven't started yet?!?!?!? Better get cracking. Its been my experience if you plan on doing any sort of hand-crafted card.......depending on the number you need to make.....you need three times as much time as anticipated and about 5 times the materials. :)

The earlier you can start on this sort of project...the better. Otherwise you feel crunched for time and there is more than enough stress during the holiday season without added an extra helping.
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