He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

questions and answers

from my new friend sideburnedbear 

1. Your LJ by-line states: "He who must be kept". Explain, please.
     It's pretty much a shout out to Anne Rice (before she went all christionist).   The mother of all vampires is called she who must be kept.   When talking to John I refer to our dog Cece as "She who must be kept" when I don't want her to know we are talking about her.
2. What is it about motorcycles that makes you happy to ride one?
     Wow.   Well I've loved motorcycles since I was a kid.   There was a time from when I was 20 till I was 40 that I only rode twice.   When turning 40 I decided I wanted one and I could (almost) afford one so I got my bike.   Riding the bike is quite a freedom.   I love to ride on the back roads where there are not so many idiots.
3. Ever fetishize/have sex on motorcycles? Or bears on them?
    MMMM.  Yes.    I have a few naked pics of me on my bike and I'd really think it would be hot to fuck on it.   But it will probably never happen.
4. Having a 10-year relationship (kudos!), what element would you say helps a relationship to last, grow, and progress?
    Patience and understanding.   We just take it one day at a time and are best friends before anything else.
5. What foodstuff would you consider to be an aphrodisiac?

     I would have to say chocolate.   Or beer.   Definitely get horny when I drink and have gotten in trouble a couple of times.


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