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viva las vegas

Ok this will be the last post for several days. We leave in a few hours for Vegas. heading off to weight watches to weigh in, then to the Chrystler dealer for an oil change. Need to get a quick hair cut and then go to the bank. Need to hit the book store and see if I can find the A. Burroughs book to read on the trip. Then it's take the dog to the kennell and we are off! Humming...."All my bags are packed I'm ready to go...."

John seems to be doing better with the flying thing. I defrosted two special cookies to take just in case. God I hope I dont have to wrestle him down and shove a valium down his throat. This is gonna be a fun trip and he just needs to relax.

Well I'm looking forward to:
Hotel Sex
Mamma Mia
Hotel Sex
Gambling Hotel Sex
Seeing The sights and men

Why is it that hotel sex is just so good???

Well gotta run. Hope those of you going to IBR have a great time! I really think we will go next year. Have a great weekend all and look forward to reading the million or so journal entries when I get back.

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