He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Wow. That vacation went faster than a virgin in a whorehouse.

So today is Friday and My vacation is winding down. It's 8:38 and I just finished fixing John's computer. His last words last night and this morning were "My email isn't working can you look at it". Well short of it was he had over 800 emails so I archived them and all is well. Now I'm working on my Sisters computer, as I had to rebuild it because she once again had some virus/trojan on it (downloader.gen.a to be specific). So while I was at it I added 2 Gig of memory and am deleting all the crap her children (and ex-husband) have loaded over the years. (Well I saved the porn it was kinda hot - cops fucking a chick). So now I'm running all the update stuff to get it up to snuff. Then I'll back up all her photos after stealing the ones I want. Her work gave her a computer to use at home and it is quite sweet dual display and connects to her work computer.

So this week I spent some time working on the back yard. I have the woodchipper from my parents house and I've been taking out rose bushes that have eaten my yard.

Wednesday John and I went to one of those free vacation presentations and ended up buying a time share. I'm still having a bit of buyers remorse but it still seems like a good idea too. I really want to start vacationing more and this seems like a good way.

Oh and the whole fuck or pass thing. Yeah if your on my friends list I'd do ya.

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