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Day one is over.

Well I got in about 8pm last night. Flight was long and I think the Fasten Seat Belt sign was on 55% of the time. Not really rough but just turbulence now and then. I actually slept for a couple hours. I asked for a Exit row seat forgetting that on China Airlines the exit row seats are about 4 inches narrower than the regular seats. So my ass just barely squeezed in and it was quite uncomfortable. The flight wasn't very full so I had the row to my self. When I got in I got to my hotel and took a shower and crashed.

Worked today. Got my demo systems built and configured. Spent some time trying to find a 3G sim card that would work in my edge router so I can have internet access for my demos. The AT&T card I have works but I have no idea how much they are charging me. Well it's just a last result really. Hopefully the customers will have internet at their sights for the demos.

Went to dinner at Trader Vic's  and I wasn't too impressed.   I had the curry chicken and it was kinda blah.   The Jalepeno Cheese balls were good but they didn't have much cheese.  The were more like a hush puppy.  Well the Mai Tai is setting in and I think I'm going to bed.

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