He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Had a Great Weekend

So Saturday, Joh and I went to SF to see an Improv Show.   We decided to go down and make a day of it.   We left around 9 on Saturday and stopped in Davis for Breakfast.   We ate at Cafe Italia and it was excellent.   We will definitely go there again.  We then headed to the city.  We hit Fort Mason (where the Improv Event was) and decided to park there as there was also a big Beer Fest going on later in the day and didn't want to try and find parking.   We hiked over the hill to the Warf and Just wandered.   We had to buy John a hat as he had forgotten his.   We ate lunch at Cold Stone (hey we're adults, we are entitled) and then headed to Pier 39.   We hit the Aquarium at Pier 39 which for 12.95 with the AAA discount wasn't too bad.   Monterey it's not.  We then continued our wondering, watched the Seals for a while and decided to head back to Fort Mason area and find some dinner.   We got back to Fort Mason and the only restuarant didn't look that interesting and at 49 bucks a person I wasn't in the mood.   So we ended up walking 3 more Blocks to a place called Fusion and I had some awesome Chicken Parmesean while John had Mac and Cheese.  Both were very good.  We both had a great time and both said how much we would love to live in the city.

Well Sunday was a Mom day.   Took her to Walmart and out to Mr. Pickles Sandwich shop.   We then took her by her house and John and I walked down to the Cemetery (it's just 2 blocks from my Mom's house).   I introduced him to all my relatives buried there.   I had a little breakdown at the cemetary and then we headed back to Mom's house and took her back to my Sisters.   My Mom gave me a watch that was my Great Grandfathers and had been passed down to my Grandpa and then my Dad.   I'll have to take a pic and post it one of these days.

Last night the enevitable happened and my PC gave up the ghost.  Thankfully I got a backup drive for it and most of my data is on it.  I was thinking a hard drive was going and either the drive is 100% dead or something on the motherboard died cause it won't boot to the drive anymore.   Don't think I'm gonna bother with it, I'll just hook the drives to another PC and save the data. 

Well that's all for now.  Here is a couple pics I took with my cool new phone!

Seals at Pier 39

Alcatraz from the top of the hill.

John at dinner at Fuzion.


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