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Stranger in a Strange land.

Although my husband and I are alike in so many ways, (both Pisces, looks similar that we are mistaken for brothers, love Sci Fi), there is one thing in which we are diametrically opposites and it is Technology.

I have had a computer since I was 16. I spent hours in chat rooms and surfing the web. Yes those were the days before Netscape and IE where you had to use Gopher. I love electronic gadgets - PDA's, Cell Phones, etc.

So today I was feeling romantic and sent John a song on his Cell phone ("I just called to say I love you"). So he calls me at work and asks what do you want? So I said what do you mean. He says well I see you called. I said well I sent you a message. Why he say's you mad at me? No, I said just wanted to send you a message, you need to look listen to it. He said OK and hung up. Ten minutes later he calls and says the message didn't go through. So I wasted $1.50 trying to be romatic electronically. Guess I'll head to Hallmark at Lunch.

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