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Welcome to Anchorage, AK

Well there was some sort of Medical Emergency.   So about halfway to Taiwan they turned the plane around and we headed to Anchorage, Alaska.    We landed about 11pm.    Then they inform us that the crew has been working too long so we can't take off until they have rested.   So they put us up in a hotel and here I am.    Had breakfast this morning and took a quick walk.   It's quite cold (-2 celcius) and I don't really have warm clothes.   I've always wanted to see Anchorage so I wish I could go look around.   We get on a bus at 2pm and our plane leaves at 4pm.   We get to Taiwan exactly 24 hours later than scheduled.    Oh well Alaska is such a beautiful place.   I think I could live here.   Of course these poor people in the hotel just weren't expecting an extra 300 people.   But they have done an amazing job including an impromptu buffet of dinner last night at Midnight.    Wasn't anything impressive but it was a hell of a lot better than Airplane food.   I actually slept wonderfully last night.

Now if my co-worker is getting everything set up and doesn't screw things up, I'll be great.

Here are a few pics of Alaska.

This is right behind the hotel.
Lobby of the hotel.

Hey that's the wrong direction....


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Mar. 29th, 2008 07:40 pm (UTC)
Wow.. nice detour!! :) Love Alaska .. would like to see it someday!! Have a safe trip back and forth , back and forth.. and HOME!! :) ::hugs::
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