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So the strike is over. What's been gained. I'm no stranger to strikes. My father was a Union Electrician for most of his life (the last 15 were spent with the county but still under union contract). We had many times when my Father would be on strike. Many times we would be eating pancakes for dinner because that's all we could afford. I even remember once we were on foodstamps. It could have been more than once but that's all I remember. Many nights we would eat dinner at my Grandparents house (they lived next door). I've even been on managements side crossing the picket lines. And yes I was even on strike once myself. But do I not like unions, no I think they are a necessary part of life. Governments and Business will do what's best for them. And many times this is at the expense of their employees.

My Father died making more money than me. I've got a masters degree. Do I think that he wasn't worth it. No he was very much worth it. However he never would have been making this money if it wasn't for being a union member for over 50 years. I still find it strange to this day and wish he would of explained it to me before he died, how this man that owed his living to being a union represented worker, who was even a union stewart himself, could be a Bush voting Republican.

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