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Some questions finally came in....

smegma17 asks:

Q: What were the last fiction book and non-fiction book you read?
A:  Fiction - Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman.  Non Fiction - Probably Kevin Smiths autobiography.

Q: What's your favorite Eddie Izzard show (or routine/bit)? 
A: Bees

Q: Do you ever travel for bear or other gay gatherings or events?  
A: Yes, but haven't in a while.   We used to go to Lazy Bear but it got really filled with Drama.   I'd love to go to IBR someday.   And we have done Gay Cruises so I"d love to do a Bear Cruise.

Q: What's the funniest movie ever made? The scariest?
A:  Funniest.  Kentucky Fried Movie, Scariest - Alien.

Q: Should mint chocolate chip ice cream be green? 
A: I don't care as long as it tastes good.

Q: Were you ever in "gay denial"? If so, when, for how long, and what happened (if anything noticeable) to bring you out to yourself?
A:  Wow.  For about 30 years...   Strangely enough it was the passing of my Grandfather that finally allowed me to experiment and realize my true self.

Q: What was the professional purpose of your Germany trip? What sideline fun/mischief did you get into? How much German can you speak? Did you have occasion to employ the phrase "Saugen Sie mir Seemann?"   
A: I can't talk about work specifics due to confidentiality agreements.  But basically it was to meet with customers.   Didn't really get into much mischief/fun other than some naughty pics I took (posted elsewhere on LJ).  I speak no German. 

Q: What's the latest news on you mom?  
A: Mom is doing ok physically.   Menatlly she seems to be slipping.  

Q: If I'm correct in surmising your dad has died, when was that and of what?  
A: My father passed away Dec 6th, 2007 of a Heart Attack.

Q: Is Jerry Lewis funny?  
A: To me, no.  However Comedy is relative.

coachbear Asks:

Q: what's your favourite pair of shoes? 
A: Actually my Crocs.   I"m a shoe queen so I have a million pairs of shoes and really only wear 2 of them.

Q: how fucking gay is that question lol 
A: very gay.

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