He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Like sands through the hour glass.....

So for about 35 odd years now I've been Watching Days of Our Lives off and on. I remember when Roman was Chris Kosotchek (sp). I remember Marlena dying and I was devestated. Well when I heard Shirley Jones was going to be on it I had to tape it. So then I watched it. And had to see how her character played out. Well she only lasted a week. And thank God, she really kinda sucked. But now I find that somehow I got a Season Pass on the Tivo and I have to watch the condensed version. I watch the hour show in about 15 minutes, skipping all the over acting and anyone under 30 years of age, cuz I really don't care about them. But worst thing, last night I watched and when Caroline found out Shawn was dead I lost it. It brought back those memories and there I was crying again. I remember I used to always watch it on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just love when they would decorate the Christmas tree with the peoples ornaments.

So now I hear that Kim will be back for Grandpa Shawn's Funeral. I think this is awesome. She was one of my first crushes.

Well that's been my bizarre trip down memory lane. I must get back to work now.

But if they could just bring back Marie, Neil and Liz. Now that would be good TV.

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