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Weekend update and more

Left my house at 6am. Arrived at my sisters and threw my stuff in the truck. My Nephew John took us to the airport. Got there and it was a nightmare getting my Mom through security. She had her walker but we had to have her in a wheel chair. Got her through security and to the gate. They were really good about getting her on the plane early and checked her walker. Flight was ok. We got to Chicago a little ahead of time. We ended up walking to car rental and halfway through realized it was way too far for my Mom. Thought we were going to have to get a wheel chair but she made it. Had to catch the bus OUTSIDE to Hertz. Got to the hotel and basically put my Mom down for a nap. Ronda & I went to lunch and accross the street to Walmart cause I had forgotten a Hat and she didn't have any toothpaste. Went back to the hotel and crashed for the night.

Got up and decided we didn't want to drive as it was 8 degrees. We caught the shuttle bus for six bucks each. My mom and sister got to sit in the handicap area so they were nice and close. I was up in the bleachers. Non of my pictures really turned out. I sitll need to sort through them and get them posted. I got to thinking bout my dad and how proud he would have been and ended up sitting there crying. When graduation was over Justin just wanted to come back to the hotel and hang out. He wanted to take a shower alone for the first time in 8 weeks. So we just hung out and watched TV. Noticed he had a really bad rash. I guess he was allergic to the detergent they used. Went to dinner at the restaurant next door and then put him in a cab back to the base.

We had planned to take a trip to Chicago but my mom definitly wasn't up to it. We decided to go to the movies. We went to breakfast and then the movies. We saw The Bucket List which was quite enjoyable. We had dinner and just hung out.

Justin showed up and we went to breakfast. His rash was so much worse my sister insisted upon taking him to the docotr. Well the Walgreens accross the street had a clinic. We stopped there but they said it would be a couple hours. The sent us to a med clinic down the road. They said he need to go to the VA hospital. So we ended up heading back towards the base to the VA hospital. They actually got him in pretty quick. They gave him some steroids, antihistamines, and other drugs. We ended up just taking him back to the base and said goodbye. Headed off to the airport and headed home. Flight home seemed like it was twice as long as the one there.

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