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Driving Dad home for the last time.

I know. Said I was leaving and not going to post. I couldn't sleep and we don't take the dog to the kennell till 2pm so I'm here. I finally picked my Dad's Ashes up. If you have seen Elizabeth town you will know why I took this picture.


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Jan. 14th, 2008 01:40 am (UTC)
Here's a little story that I hope will make you smile:

In February 2006, & at my mother's request, I was to ship my stepfather's ashes to his family in Arkansas. At the time, my mom was recovering from some very serious health issues & was in a hospice, still learning how to walk again. She lived in Idaho at the time & I went to visit for a week to see how she was doing & to help move her belongings into the hospice & storage. I was using her car to get around. I was en route to the Post Office to ship the remains when I got pulled over for speeding in a school zone. Now, I'm in a Red State town of about 75,000... I have a MA license & am driving a car with ID plates, the vehicle is registered under a last name different than mine, the ashes of one of the registered owners is in the passenger seat next to me, & the other registered owner is in a hospice. I would have been ok with a ticket... basically, I was praying not to be sent to jail. During the explanation of my situation, & totally not trying to be funny, I made a point that I, technically, was driving with one of the registered owners... & showed the officer the death certificate & pointed to the box of ashes seatbelted in the passenger seat.

The officer let me go with a warning, & offered his condolences. And that was the only time I'd ever gotten out of a traffic ticket.
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