He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

All the news that's fit to print.

Well it's been a hectic week. Monday I ran Mom around town. John came a long so a least that was nice. Then we stopped at Starbucks, we left my Mom in the car. She turned the car on and had the heated seat, radio, and everything else going. And yep, I come out and no starting. We had a nice kid next to us jump start us and headed to Walmart. I bought the battery and found out they install them. Welll after a wait they inform me that you have to remove the air filter compartment to get the battery out and they can't do that. Well I decide I'll do it later. We went to my Mom's house and got her car (1 of 3!). It had the handicap sticker anyway. We then headed to her Dr's Appt. It was uneventful although the dr kept us waiting way too long.

Well I went home and took a shot at the battery. What a bitch. I gave up and I"m still driving around with the battery in my trunk. I figure if it quits hopefully I can call AAA and get a cutie to come change it for me.

NYE my mom took a fall in the middle of the night. She got up to go to the bathroom and felt dizzy so she sat on my sisters bed (where my sister was asleep mind you) and for some reason put her head between her legs. She then kissed the floor. She said she woke up in a pool of blood with the dogs licking her off. Took her to the doctor and she checked out ok. (Oh but guess what they kept us waiting). So other than looking like she went a few rounds with Ayla Ali she is doing fine.

Yesterday I worked from home. Applied for 4 State of California jobs. I meet with my boss on Monday and I think I'm gonna tell him I want to take my Sabbatical NOW!

Well we are off to Riverdance tonight.


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