He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

I'm declaring it Glenn Doesn't have to work day.

Today I think I'll just sit at my desk and pretend to work. Of course if I do this there is a chance I will be mistaken for a Manager.

I'm tired. Weekend was good. Spent time with my sister on Saturday. Then John and I pretty much vegged the rest of the weekend. We went shopping yester at Trader Joes and the Natural food co-op.

I did my taxes but haven't submitted them yet. Need to give them the re-look tonight and get them submitted. Looks like I'll have enough to get my new washer and dryer!! WOOO HOOO.

Chatted with a few people last night on Yahoo Messenger. Chatted with gingindccub and polardemonwolf.

went Down stairs and Played Dungeons and Dragons on X-BOX till 11:30 (maybe that's why I'm tired).


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