He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Is it really Thursday Already?

Well time flies when your feeling better. After my doctors appointment on Monday and starting a course of Anti-Biotics I now realize how bad I was. I feel so much better. Sinius still aren't a 100% but the constant pain is gone. I have to call tomorrow and set up an appointment for a Scan. Yeah I have to have my head examined. Doc wants to ensure there is nothing wrong that was causing the Sinus issues. I really don't want to have a CT Scan. I've never had one and the thought of being confined like that freeks me out. May need a tranquilizer to have it done.

Work sucks but it pays the bills. Really am starting to look outside the corp now. My boss returns in 2 weeks and once he does I know the shit will really start. I'll take my Sabbatical (8weeks off) and use it to find a job if need be.

This weekend we are having a going away party for my nephew. Still can't believe he's headed of to the Navy. He leaves on Monday. Hopefully this will help straighten him out cause he's been a lot of trouble the last couple months.

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