He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Status Quo

Well the nice long weekend has come to an end. A brief synopsis.

Thursday- We went up to John's parents house for Thanksgiving. Spent from noon to 9ish up there. a nice relaxing time.

Friday - My family's turn. We went to my sisters about noon. Visited and watched License to wed. Had a good dinner.

Saturday - Went to the Elk grove Dickens festival. Not much more went on.

Sunday - Realized the hot water heater was leaking profusely. Went to home depot and priced them. Lots of hot men but none really to help and prices a bit expensive. Headed to Lowes, while not as many hot men a very nice staff that was more than willing to take my $700 and schedule a new hot water heater to be installed.

Monday - Doctors appointment. Full physical. Yeah even that. He is scheduling a CT Scan of my sinus' to see if there is anything serious as they have been bothering me for over 6 months. Also got 2 prescriptions. They finally came and fixed the phone and cable so I now have on demand on all boxes and can receive incoming calls.

Well sorry for the brief post but need to get back to work.

My favorite pic from the dickens fair. :)

Oh and this is the ugliest car I have ever seen!

Not the car I like them but the paint!

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