He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

I'm not dead yet....

Ok. So I haven't posted. So sue me. I am now listening to Christmas Music on Sirius.com trying to get in the spirit. I want to get my nephew a Camcorder before he leaves for the Navy and Samsclub is having a special on Friday it's $80 bucks off. I just don't know if I want to brave the black friday idiocy. I have never been shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I'd like it to stay that way. I'll try and get it online.

In other news:
We are now proud parents of a second Tivo.   We had cable installed this weekend and I now have a 2 tuner Tivo downstairs and the single tuner upstairs.   I think I'll move the second Tivo downstairs now that we have cable in the front room.    That room has had a TV in it but has just been used for the XBox.   So Saturday I spent setting up the Tivo's and updating season passes etc.   We now have Logo so there are lots of cool gay shows I'm looking forward to seeing.   We also have Here! on demand.  On demand only seems to be working on one of the three boxes but I did manage to watch Dantes Cove.   Wow so many hot men in one show.   And lots of them naked!

Well we also switched the phone service to Comcast and right now we can't recieve calls.   I'm giving them till tomorrow cause when I called Frontier to cancel the old service they said it was scheduled to happen today so maybe it's just not switched over completly yet.   And the internet is outrageously fast!

It's Heroes Night!!!   I picked up the hardbound edition of the Heroes comics over the weekend.   $29 at Borders.   Of course it's $19 on Amazon.  So I started reading the comics again.   I never finished them online, just cant seem to follow them.


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