He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

I hate to bitch, but....

God what a week. Was here at work till 7:30 last night. Today has been non stop issues that are putting me farther behind on the work I need to complete for a training class I need to delilver next week.

So I'm still quite a bit behind on TV. I watched Reaper last night and while I really like the show, I fell asleep. Damn. So I still need to catch up on Chuck, Torchwood, Grey's Anatomy, and other misc. shows.

As to Heros: I think it's great. Yes it's a little slow but we don't need to know everything. Yeah the black oil twins are annoying. But if Sylar kills them and gets that power, wow. That would be scary. Really interested to see the older ones work out and I'm very interested to see Kristen Bell. Looks like shes going to be a bad guy (girl). Woo hoo. More shirtless Peter needed!!!!

What I'm watching...
Heroes (number 1 first and foremost)
Reaper (cute mindless comedy that I can enjoy with a glass of wine)
Chuck (see above, plus I watch it for Adam Baldwin)
Dirty Sexy Money (a great night time soap. and shirtless men too!)
Ugly Betty (i'm loosing interest quickly though)
Grey's Anatomy (starting to really fall off this quickly. I doubt I'll be watching it much longer)
Moonlight (Vampire show. I have to watch it. Plus sexy vampires too!)
Ghost Wisperer (pretty much John's pick, but I watch it with him)
Torchwood (probably my second favorite show right now)
Supernatural (another show I am slowly becoming disalusioned with)
Dexter (pick number 3 from this list. Great show. I love it)
Pushing Daisies (another great new show. really cute and stylish. check it out!)

Wow. I watch too much TV.

What are you watching?
Tags: tv etc

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