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Coming Out.

The main reason for coming out was John. I knew he was going to be part of my life and I couldn't live it in the closet. So I really never came out to my family. I had my sister do it. I came out to my best friend, who in turn called my sister to discuss the "situation". Well my sister called me and we talked. I was already seeing John. My sister tried to convince me to tell my parents but I kept chickening out. The next week my Mom was in the hospital so my sister told her. She said she figured if she had a heart attack she was already in the hospital. So when I went to see my mom we had the conversation. She said she sorta knew. She told my dad. He said he never knew. I still find that hard to beleive. I was never successfull in coming out at work (Pacific Bell back then). That was part of my decision to leave. Although they had a lot of Gay employees, gay managers just weren't around. I soon left to work for EDS where I was out from day one. And now here I am a member of the gay employee group and I snap at people for assuming I'm straight.
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