He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Fight or Flight?

Supposedly there is a fight or flight response in all of us.   With the craziness that is going on at work right now I just want to run.   Management is taking us in a direction that is just setting us up for failure.   I'm really not liking my job, I'm extremely in debt.   I just want to run away.   Really, I'd just love to sell everything and head off to Canada.  

I've been reading about Rent and how Anthony and Adam are back on broadway and now I'm looking at tickets to New York.  God I wish John would fly.   I'd love to just go see Rent on Broadway and spend a couple days in NYC.

Reno Pride is this weekend and I think we will sneak off to it.   I've never been so it should be fun.   Can't afford to gamble so it will be a nice drive up anyway.

California State Fair starts today!!!    I think we will be heading out this afternoon.
Tags: work life everything

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